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The 'PathDX' module

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The "PathDX" module allows to visualize the trajectories of the particles as well as the positions of the barycenters of the rings

  • Trajectories of the particles of highest Mean Square Displacement
  • Positions of the barycenters of the rings found during the ring statistics analysis *
    Trajectories and barycenter
    Contiguous boxes
* When periodic boundary conditions are applied it is possible to draw the positions of the barycenters of the rings in all the 26 contiguous cells

Download the "PathDX" module

"HowTo" use the "PathDX" module - Part 1

"HowTo" use the "PathDX" module - Part 2

The different control panels of the "PathDX" module are presented thereafter:

 Main interface PathDX   
 Drawing Settings PathDX  
 Axis Control PathDX  
 Animation Settings PathDX  
 Sequence control  
 Saving Dialog PathDX  
 Saving data PathDX  
 View control PathDX  
 Image PathDX  
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